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Annual conference of managers -

The Management Centre

It was a little bit silly to launch a project like this back in 1993. It was launched against all the odds, since logic is not necessarily an ally to entrepreneurs.

“The crisis has reached rock bottom: economic, financial, moral and psychological.

The sanctions and embargo have exhausted us more than we expected.


Teachers are queuing for flour, pensioners eat tea and toast for lunch, directors desperately try to raise money to pay the daily wages they call salaries, while workers try to harvest the long-abandoned fields.


A great majority of the population has been pauperized and are bereft of hope. Scepticism and hopelessness have become the mainstream philosophy and religion.

The exhausted community needs hope. And faith!


Let’s restore the faith in success!


It is a historically, theoretically and psychologically proven fact that hope and faith are the strongest of forces that mobilize the national resources.


Gathering together the important and the most important, the successful and the most successful people in one place, forming a three-day Yugoslav business think-tank will significantly help us see, analyse, outline and project the roads to success – and the way out of crisis.


All we need is success."

With this platform, we launched this three-year project back in 1993.

YUMAN Conference '94
YUMAN Conference '94 Program
YUMAN Conference '95
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Jumen workshop
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