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Ports and marinas of Montenegro

According to many enthusiasts, the nicest of all ways to experience Montenegro is when you see it for the first time from the deck of a sailboat or a yacht.

The fashionable marinas of Budva, Kotor, Bar and Tivat make this part of the Adriatic a Mecca for the owners of expensive vessels. In the last several years, Montenegro has been the destination for many of the top 100 list of the world’s largest yachts, including Roman Abramovich’s “Pelarus”, Bernie Ecclestone’s “Petara”, Paul Allen’s “Tatoosh” and “Air”, Charles Simonyi’s “Skat”, and others. The latest models such as “Azimut”, “Riva”, “Sunseeker”, “Maiora”, and “Pershing” yachts frequently berth at the Budva marina. 

Porto Montenegro is the most modern elite nautical centre in the Mediterranean, which is transforming Montenegro into an Adriatic Monte Carlo, while the Bar marina has been a leader in mooring capacities. The marinas of these cities feature specialist nautical shops, cranes, have special trailers for vessel transportation available, and offer the full range of maintenance and other services for yachts and ships.

Is this a sufficient reason to produce a Yachting Guide?


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