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Unique Event


Our client, the President of Montenegro, asked us to find a venue for the Summit of the Heads of States of the 12 countries of Southeast Europe that would best present the unique natural beauties of Montenegro and remain long in the memories of all participants.

We proposed a public square. A summit in the main public square of an old town reflects the best traditions of ancient democracy, which resolved all public issues in a public place – the town square.


A senior official asked us if we were absolutely sure that it was possible to organize the summit outdoors, in the tiny square of a tiny old town.

At first sight, it certainly seemed a pretty unbelievable task to organize such a very complex event outdoors and in such a small space. The demands were very high, starting from security, as the event featured 12 heads of states, each of whom has their own security service, through to communication – since the presidents needed to be in touch with their respective countries at all times, while numerous foreign TV channels wanted to have the signal provided for their live coverage of the event.


After our persuasive response, underpinned by the dozens of successful projects we have implemented, the President of Montenegro agreed to the proposed venue.


​The rest is history.

Sv Stefan Final mapa.jpg

"There has never been a better organized Summit in the history of SEECP. The event was active and solemn, organized outdoors, in the square, amidst the beauty of Sveti Stefan. In combination with the legendary Montenegrin hospitality and the experience of the heavenly atmosphere, there was a certain ancient sublime air to this event, wrapped up in very modern packaging."


Chief Political Adviser to the

Prime Minister of Montenegro,

a former Minister of Foreign Affairs

State-of-the-art marketing communication


Why are events such an important form of marketing communications? Why do successful events attract so much public attention, generate great publicity and create a positive echo among the general public?

Event marketing is undoubtedly the highest level of marketing activity for a company and the community. It is a result of the maturity of a company and the community, a positive sign that such success has been achieved by building close relations with the consumers (clients, buyers and guests), their involvement and full participation and the establishment of an emotional connection with a brand. 

Let’s be realistic. We buy and use products and services every day not only because their performances and technical features are better that those offered by their competition (who can really prove that “Coca-Cola” tastes better, that “Sensodyne” is actually better for whitening teeth, or that a higher profit is guaranteed with the xx bank?), but because we like them! And the more we like them, the more we use them.

This is where the power and the GREAT marketing IMPACT OF THE EVENTS lies: (1) they attract great media and public attention, (2) develop close relations and (3) positive emotions with consumers (liking), leading to the creation of positive vibrations in the professional and political communities.

They never remain solely at the cognitive level of awareness, they are affective, entering the emotional sphere of personality, which is why they are incomparably stronger, last longer and are remembered longer in comparison with any advertisements and television videos. We are, of course, talking about successful events – those based on a creative idea, a strong concept, and a clear message, well prepared and flawlessly executed. A poorly structured and poorly executed event, on the other hand, can easily end up being ridiculed. 

Even though they are part of overall market communications, these well-structured and well-executed events actually become part of news communications. They cease to be marketing and become news, as they bring something new, different, some special meaning, something that attracts either conscious or unconscious attention, brings people together, provokes curiosity, and activates emotions and/or the aesthetic mechanisms within people. This, of course, depends on the creative power of the idea and the excellence of the execution. They are talked about, they provoke opinions and emotions and are widely commented on. 

The viral character of an event is the key to its power. Those companies that have reached a high level of maturity opt for event marketing, as it is a marketing tool that may also produce undesirable effects. It is just the same as with any other tool, because all tools need to be handled carefully by somebody who knows how to use them.

Event marketing is a point in which all the management and marketing expertise and skills of both the company that hosts the event and the agency that prepares and executes it come together and are clearly visible. 

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