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of Montenegro 

The ultimate guide to Montenegro`s gastro-culture

"This is an interesting country in every respect. In only one hour of driving you can experience the incredible differences in its nature, people, and culture. 

On one hand you have the sleek modern coastal inhabitants, while on the other, you meet the proud highlanders, and the best way to communicate with either of them is through friendly eye contact and a warm smile.

Experience the beautiful seductive sandy beaches of the south and the rugged mountains and romantic lakes of the north.

The most modern nightclubs throb with the sounds of world-famous stars visiting the Adriatic coast, yet campfires and the deep silence of nature await you during a weekend rafting in the deepest canyon in Europe...

Shakespeare`s “Hamlet” is performed at the theatres of the south and the traditional Montenegrin folk national dance, the“Oro”, is on display in the hills of the north.

Montenegro is a country of very strong contrasts. Be prepared for that!

These contrasts will begin to reveal themselves as soon as you decide to leave the comfort of your hotel and set out to explore.

These differences and contrasts, sometimes even dramatic, have also become very apparent at the dining table . One can find the best of fine dining in the restaurants in Budva, or eat in a simple hut in Žabljak offering the best of nature just boiled and baked , without complex techniques of preparation and with the smallest possible amount of spices. Both are wonderful and will stick in y our memory for a long time!

The flavours, aromas and tastes you experience at any destination become a part of you and, like a kind of alarm clock, ring in your head from time to time, to remind you that it’s time to travel back there!

The taste of the tender Njeguši prosciutto and the aroma of the red wine called “Vranac” by the “Plantaže” winery will stay with every foreigner who has ever set foot in this country. This is why they have both become, quite rightly, the gastronomic symbols of Montenegro.

This small country has a lot to offer, from the sea and the mountains, its rivers and lakes , villages and cities , cafes and restaurants, and modern eateries and simple huts. This publication aims to reveal to its readers all the flavours of Montenegro.

Would you care for rustic oven roasted potatoes, slightly warmed pieces of coscetto or a monkfish fillet wrapped in a two-year-old Njeguši prosciutto, with a local potato from Grbalj and extra virgin olive oil from Bar, in a wild orange sauce?

If that is the case, you have come to the right place!"

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(CLIENT: National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro)

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