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Pro Bono Projects

For the good of the community

A considerable part of the work AMC Communications has done in the recent decades was dedicated to the Rotary movement. We have produced a series of advertisements, brochures, videos, films, events and campaigns for the public good, as our contribution to humanitarian and other goodwill events. Most of them were, of course, for the Rotary Club of Budva.


The events and campaigns of the Rotary Club of Budva focused on raising moral awareness, and directly supporting schools, children, nursing homes, and particularly hospitals.

Two of the largest initiatives by Rotary District 2483, Montenegro and Serbia, which involved direct assistance to the maternity wards of the Kotor and Cetinje hospitals – “My First Home” and which together raised over $300,000, were carried out by the Rotary Club of Budva.


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Zahvalnica Bernadette Blumel
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Press Release - Moj prvi dom - maj 2016.
Global grant My first home - Program
Global grant My first home - POZIVNICA
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