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The Coast of Montenegro


Beacuse we all love panoramic views

In addition to the Adriatic Fish poster, the Panoramic Map of the Coast of Montenegro is the product of ours that is in the greatest demand in the general market. It has proved to be interesting for the young and the old, mothers, children, grandmothers, tourism professionals, businesspeople, and almost everyone else.

The most difficult task in designing the map was to find the best professional available who had enough experience and knowledge to present the Montenegrin coast in an unrealistic way. Because this type of map cannot be made by converting a photograph into a graphical image. It can only be achieved by trying to find a deliberate deformation and by considerably changing the angle for the same graphical display, in order to show the details that actually cannot be seen from that point of view.

A single glance at our map, the Bay of Kotor for example, is enough to understand that it is impossible to see the Bay of Kotor and Risan from that point of view, because the line of sight is blocked by Mount Vrmac.

We found our partner in Innsbruck, Austria, a man who had designed the panoramic maps of the region, and other national parks and tourist destinations on all continents. Without a single visit to Montenegro, he depicted our coast in the most beautiful way possible in only three months. Of course, we had earlier delivered to Innsbruck many hours of helicopter footage of the coast, hundreds of photographs, road maps and geographical maps, in order to provide the artist with a realistic and detailed overview of the Montenegrin coast. After we had revised his work 3 or 4 times, the image of the Montenegrin coast was completed..

What followed at the end was perhaps the most sensitive part – a selection of names and places and their location on the final image of the coast.

Mapa sa lejerima 80x30cm red.jpg
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