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A publication for high-profile guests

It usually happens this way.

When you reach a certain phase of development, there is a great need to carefully examine, evaluate and assess it and, if you are satisfied, to make a public presentation. 

In order to resolve the problem of introducing the destination, and to improve the development of likeability and preferences towards Montenegro, we created and developed the information and promotional medium called (1) Montenegro EXPLORER for the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro.

This full-colour, 150-page magazine, published in two languages for the professional readership abroad and guests of the high-end hotels, provided nearly all the information that the professionals and tourists might need. News about the recently opened hotels, restaurants, beaches, events, air routes, shops, stories about the natural and cultural attractions, up to date guides to towns and beaches, must see/must do, reviews of restaurants, wines, events, galleries and museums, and a complete databases of hotels, museums, galleries, discotheques, active holidays, etc.


On the other hand, it was necessary to actively segment the tourism product of Montenegro and select the products that are, or could be, intended for those people with the highest standards and greatest purchasing power – to define Montenegro as a destination for high-paying tourists.


We have therefore divided the tourism product of Montenegro into the following 13 segments: hotel life, yachting, gourmet, cafe life, wine & spirits, food, lifestyle, fashion, night life, wellness, beaches, active holiday, and art & culture. Then we made a selection of the high-end and unique hotels, marinas, restaurants, wines, foodstuffs, festivals, landmarks, events, artists, designers, night clubs, wellness centres, beaches, rivers, ski resorts, mountains, museums, orchestras, and cultural traditions.

Every unit featured a whole page photograph and a small photograph on a black background, together with a short but essential description of why it was included in this special publication. The publication was not entitled the Best off, Luxury, Exclusive or Finest, but completely unpretentiously – (2) Montenegro SELECTION.


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