The magazine Feel.Budva was created as a part of the Budva branding project – FULL.FEEL.BUDVA. This multi-annual Budva branding project was implemented by the Tourism Organization of Budva, AMC Communications Budva and Idea Plus Skopje. After major political changes in the local administration, the management of the Tourism Organization was replaced, after which this strategic project was put on hold.

The strategic goals set by the Budva branding project were to extend the season, increase tourist consumption, improve the quality of services, increase recognisability in the tourism market, and connect all stakeholders involved in the development of tourism products. This was all in order to satisfy the visitors’ needs in the best and most responsible way.

It takes years, of course, to reach a leading position and become a destination that guests always gladly return to.

“Budva is irresistible because of its many sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, mysterious because of the natural beauties still undiscovered by most visitors, hospitable because of the kind and straightforward hosts, traditional because of its Old Town, which has been defying time for 1,500 years, glamorous because of the world famous show business celebrities we have proudly hosted, exciting because of its galleries, museums, monasteries, and the many different events and festivals that attract visitors almost throughout the year,” said the former Director of the Tourism Organization of Budva, Jelena Radjenovic Dandrea

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