Small and very attractive tourist destinations, such as Montenegro, always face a serious business problem. They are players in the major outbound markets in the world, and depend on them in the long run, while they lack sufficient budgets for promotion in the regional market, and have no funds whatsoever for advertising.

These tiny destinations can break this vicious circle – we don’t communicate because we have no resources, we have no resources because our capacities are small – only by creative communications and focusing on a limited number of communication channels. 


What makes this problem even more complex is the fact that there is no test-drive in tourism – the potential buyer books their summer holiday almost exclusively on the basis of the mental image and symbolic expectations created by the promotion. From the buyer’s point of view, promotion is a product!


As much as it is well-known in the regional and Eastern European tourism market, the brand name of Montenegro is neither that familiar nor present in Germany, the UK, France and Scandinavia. 


Aware of this, we offered a solution to the problem of introducing the destination (awareness), and the development of likeability and preferences to the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro in the form of the publication of a destination magazine entitled the Wild Beauty Destination Magazine.


It is a full-colour, 84-page magazine published in English, German, French, Italian and Russian. A magazine in form, with the contents of a classic visitor’s guide, the Magazine features short stories, overviews, guides to cities, and a basic database, with references to all the relevant websites.


The stories told by this magazine are based on facts but, instead of just describing the destination, they inspire the imagination. The stories, all written by the best local journalists, provoke the imagination and thus create a desire to visit the destination. 


The magazine has two target markets – it is a B2B magazine abroad, targeting the professional readership – tour operators, travel agents, media representatives, and distributed at the major travel shows in London, Berlin, Paris, Milan and Moscow, as well as by direct mailing. In Montenegro, it is a B2C magazine, read by foreign guests staying at the high-end hotels.


Disseminating information, developing affection and preferences for, and the establishment of emotional connections with the destination – are the strategic tasks of the Wild Beauty Destination Magazine.

Bay of Boka, Perast Islands
WBDM Contents
WBDM Bay of Boka

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