Do we have a problem?



We are overwhelmed by information,
We are overwhelmed by products,
We are overwhelmed by choices

A well-stocked supermarket in the Region has around 14,000 products on its shelves.

An average family satisfies 80-85% of its needs with 150 products. 

What’s with the remaining 13,850 products?! You are not interested in them, but they are interested in you and they follow you!

You are abroad and going to dinner?

Here is your choice:

         - There are 4,636 restaurants in Prague

         - There are 6,816 restaurants in Berlin

         - There are 9,081 restaurants in New York


- More information has been produced in the last 30 years than in the previous 5,000 and the sum of all the knowledge available in print doubles every four years

- A daily issue of The New York Times contains more information than the average seventeen-century Englishman came across in his lifetime


- More than 4,000 books are published every day all over the world

- Every day, the World Wide Web grows by over a million web pages and there are over 1.5 billion websites today

- An average consumer is exposed to the influence of 3,000 advertising messages a day

Our mind has a limited capacity, as it is not a digital recorder capable of storing all available information when turned on. An average person registers no more than 2% to 3% of the huge amount of information they are exposed to every day


We have a problem?

How to find a way through the saturated market, the huge amount of information, the offered products and still remain focused?!



If you are already special and recognizable enough, and have a distinguishable identity - we will cherish and develop that difference. Because it is your greatest value.


In an overcrowded market, our task is to create distinct, relevant and positive


Unusual, innovative, different, attention-grabbing, comment-provoking
Arouse interest, motivating
Generating positive feelings




Our identity and our individual features are what distinguishes us. What makes us similar and the same is the sign of the species. 

You have certainly noticed that, even when trying to court someone, we are successful only when we are different, original, innovative, relevant, charming, when we evoke warm feelings in a person of the opposite sex. If we are the same as the others, there is no reason for somebody to choose us.

What is true for people is even more so for products and services.

Why would I buy your product if it is the same as or similar to the one I already have?!

I need a very good reason to buy this particular product, rather than a different one; to give up on the one I regularly buy and use.

Is it more attractive, better, different, special and more valuable?

What is its added value, how is it different, what is the idea that makes it different?

Once we have defined a (1.) DIFFERENTIATING IDEA, which must be based in the reality of your product or service, our next task is to help you verbalize the idea that distinguishes you and tell your story to the world.


We need to develop a (2.) COMMUNICATION PROGRAMME focusing on your advantages, your differences. This identity and position in the consumers’ minds is built by all forms and techniques of communication. 


What follows is a selection of the communication techniques to be used – sound, image, print, event… 

Of course, your story has to start with a presentation of what makes you different rather than what makes you the same, allowing us to present to the market your distinction and benefits for the consumers and make them interesting by dramatizing them. They need to be talked about, commented on and communicated by word of mouth.


All successful marketing programmes are verbal.

Any marketing programme is an idea, not an image or the empty aesthetics of visual arts or a film.




We have thirty years behind us. Three decades of continuous experience in market and news communications. AMC Communications was the first marketing agency in Montenegro. We started work during the period of socialism when the country was called the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which later became the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, then the Union of Montenegro and Serbia and finally the independent Montenegro. All this time, we have been based in Budva.

For some years, we were focused mainly on events, in other periods we were more involved in TV production, or branding, or publishing and graphic design, while in some others we were mainly working with marketing strategies… The small, almost tiny, Montenegrin market (the country only has 600,000 citizens) is not conducive to a high degree of specialization, as the number of potential clients is limited, which is why we have had to learn the ropes in all marketing fields.

Of course, most of our work has been in the tourism sector. Not only because we chose Budva, the most beautiful city in the world, to be our home, not even because tourism is the largest and wealthiest sector in the Montenegrin economy, but because our (clients’) communication products do not target the local, but the international market. Through our advertisements, leaflets, magazines and films on Montenegro, we have been directly present in the largest tourism markets in the world, as well as at the major tourism exhibitions in London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow... We have learned to compete with the largest destinations and the major agencies.

Therefore, do not expect that AMC Communications is a traditional advertising agency. It is more of a ideas society and a creative workshop in which a group of experienced people invest all their energy, knowledge and emotions to every challenge. When we don’t know how to do something, we are not embarrassed to say so, however, we know who does that best and we simply hire them for that project.

That is precisely the point of the agency.


The answer is simple: EVERYTHING and NOTHING!

The World Wide Web, social media and smartphones have revolutionized the way we live and communicate. The consumers are now way smarter than 30 years ago, and capable of researching a product or service in a matter of seconds. Nowadays, we want information immediately and our attention span is incomparably shorter than three decades ago. There is too much content online and, therefore, unless something captures out attention within a couple of seconds, we move on!

Therefore, the production of content, where we act as intermediaries, is of crucial importance, which is why we need to address the users’ emotions as quickly as possible because, once you have engaged them emotionally, they will stay with you!

At the same time, NOTHING has changed in marketing!

The bottom line in business is to satisfy the buyers’ needs, the bottom line in marketing is to reveal and define those needs. It is just as it was 30 years ago, a buyer nowadays is still interested in the content, and demands a top quality product/service, which is easily available at a good price. 

The elements of the marketing mix for a product are the same today as three decades ago, the 4Ps: product, price, place, promotion. In service sector there are 7Ps: the 4Ps plus people, process, physical evidence.

The digital revolution has changed the character of the communication and sales channels and democratized them, but all of our basic needs have remained the same. We are looking for good products and good contents. The content that is being communicated is of key importance for any successful communication. It either reaches your or not, it either engages you or not. If it fails to engage you, all the latest-generation digital channels you use are useless.

The idea and content of a product is what makes us different, successful or unsuccessful.

The product, and message we use to communicate it, must attract Attention, maintain Interest, arouse Desire, and in order to make us buy it – get Action

AIDA is still doing well, thanks for asking!




Advertising, publicity, sales promotion, magazines, leaflets, monographs, videos, films, events, marketing analyses, marketing strategies, management and marketing consulting.

Over a period of three decades, we have carried out a series of activities and projects in the field of show business, sports, politics, tourism, as well as product and service marketing.

We did not pick and choose, we did everything – from toilet paper branding and marketing (Valena, the soft world of paper), the conferences of Yugoslav managers (YUMAN), through sports tournaments (Beach Soccer), music festivals (Mediterranean Music Festival), the Millennial New Year’s Eve parties on public squares, the congresses of German travel agencies (DRV-Jahrestagung), to election campaigns (We need a man like that!), the production of tourism films (Welcome to Montenegro), creative directing of the promotion of Montenegro as a tourist destination in the international market (Wild Beauty), and so on.


During the thirty years, we received recognitions for our work, nearly all of them abroad: BalCannes, Croatia; Das goldene Stadttor, Germany; Tourfilm, the Czech Republic; TOUR FILM, Poland; SW ITF, Croatia; MEFEST, Serbia; the International TV Festival Bar; and Golden Interstas, Croatia.

We see every project as a challenge and that is what makes it interesting for us.

We still treat every project as our first – we are equally enthusiastic and cautious!

We can single out more than a dozen of our typical projects, events and works from our thirty-year long experience to give you a general idea of what we do and how we do it.




From independent entrepreneurs, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, to public enterprises, large corporations, national organizations, foreign associations and the Head of State. There were no clients too big or too small. 

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What really makes a company is, of course, its people. Our core operating team is made up of the following eight individuals who are all masters of their trade. Depending on the type of work, we contract with over 100 associates to work on our projects. The events, in particular, need the most experienced and trusted associates, because there is no time to correct the mistakes in any live TV coverage, forum or congress, as they are viewed in real time! As opposed to a design project or TV video spot, where a leaflet or video could be edited.

Our network of associates has been developed and filtered over the last 30 years, which allows us to know with absolute certainty what to expect and what can we get from each of them. This is true for all the graphic designers, screenwriters, directors, organizers, narrators, project managers…

When required, we involve the associates requested by a client in our projects. It doesn’t matter if they are requested because of the good communication established with this particular creative individual, the sense of security offered by this particular director, producer, copywriter or designer or for any other reason.















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